Market Klewer blazed the way by since era of Japan colonization of where during the period Solo society especially experience of a lot of economic difficulty Therefore a number of society oppressed by a difficulty start the to have initiative trade the cloth of batik and clothes . This market, first time have location in east of Market Legi or in area of bird market. All merchant nick its merchandise by in shouldering and walk the downstream go upstream to circuit the market location. This then, by trading this cause their merchandise pendant downwards irregular is which is. Language Java referred as by kleweran. Hence from the diffraction of society nickname it as Market Klewer.
See the market condition hence top kick government at that moment assume this market existence is very sordid and dirty, so that government have initiative to develop build a more natty and competent market. Governmental to later; then remove this market to Glorious Mosque south or precisely in west side Arch of Keraton Kasunanan. Its Location become one with the market which have in advance there is that is Market Slompretan
            At about year 1957 - 1958 market extended by removing bicycle market to area heave the great wave of south of while bird market to area Widuran. And in the year 1969 Market Klewer experience of to renovate till become the form of like this time and opened by President Suharto 7 June 1971. Market Klewer experience of a lot of fast growth so that this market impress to narrow and bother the existing   traffic, because all merchant trade to road street. Later Government of Solo City of under head of mayor of R Hartomo develop build the Market of Klewer east laid at close quarters with the old market
            Market Klewer till in this time become a biggest clothing market in Central Java broadly west side 135m x 65 m. consisted by 2 floor, in east side broadly 85m x 65 m and also have dweller to 2064 shop (kiosk) with the formal merchant 1755 merchant Till in this time Market Klewer not yet experienced of a lot of transformation and also physical.


            Former of Market Gede represent a small market in a area for the width of 10,021 ha with the later big roof by society called by Market of Gede Harjonegoro. Later along the nun of time. this market transform to become a luxury and biggest market in Solo. This Market is consisted of by 2 floor with the king sized door leaf like the roof of king throne.
           sargede Market Gede is one of ancient building exist in Solo which have architecture to Java - Colonial. Market Gede designed by a so called Dutch architect of Herman Thomas Karsten which also is architect from Market of Johar Semarang. From so much is masterpiece from Herman Thomas Karsten. Market Gede is wrong a most masterpiece  he pride upon, this matter is proven in book of about science of architecture of Thomas Karsten of a lot of mentioning about this market.
            A so called head ethnic China of Tjan Sie Ing, Get the legitimate from Dutch government. This Group also get the authority from governance of Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta in the form of rights of market management by system is sharing holder
            Market Gede have experienced of the excitement fire scorching market in the year 1948 later; then have been rebuilt by year 1954 and finish the year 1981. Government later; Then fox of building of market roof with the wood, second building from Market Gede used as by a Departmental office of Public Work (DPU) and now become the fruit market and decorative fish market.


           A antique market which is located in front of Palace Mangkunegaran. Through The Street Diponegoro This Market, provide various antique goods and also goods goods having artistic value and high history. Besides antique goods is also made available assorted of souvenir in the form of idol of wood or bronze, shadow play, other and ancient decorative lamp.
          History forming of Market of Triwindu or Market Windujenar ahead represent the anniversary present to 24 The of Putri Nurul Khamaril of The Mangkunegara  Where at that moment the market use the system barter in its transaction process its payment. All kiosk merchant perform the merchandise by arranging it the above desk - desk. Newly in year six tens, kiosk kiosk develop by all merchant. At 5 July 2008 Government of Solo City conduct to renovate to this market, what is adapted for by a typical architecture style of Solo culture with its model is antique and impress beautiful make the Market Windujenar progressively draw the tourist to come to Solo City


           This market stand up the effect of affect the economics crisis which knock over the Indonesia in the year 1998 causing economic difficulty and to the number of unemployment in Solo City. But even able to permeate a lot of this market, lab our also bother the beauty of garden and also town traffic. And also to the number of protest from society of about garden annoyed by a effect of more and more to increase it all merchant which perform its merchanidise in front of door of all citizen of about garden. Hence government of town  have initiative to do the relokasi to all merchant by develop building a adjacent new market laid at with the Market of Clover Chicken in area SilirPKL (Cloister Merchant) without existence of hardness. Governmental to hence come near all merchant of through heart to heart with all merchant, and finally all merchant will be persuaded to ready in relokasi. Process the evacuation go well accompanied with the carnival procession with the very nuance java jell and become the example of one the other one relokasi of cloister merchant without existence of hardness in Indonesia


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