Shadow Play
Initially puppets used as by media of religion broadcasting, message and also manual later;then round into the media of entertainment amusement till in this time. To get the picture the puppets story act the, audience have to own the knowledge of puppets figure which its shadow will come up in screen.
In puppets Solo have two style that is style of Keraton Kasunanan and also style Mangkunegaran of is which the style very thin its difference for example lay in by Kayon, Srepekan, Dodokan and also Sulukan of which all civil audience less understand the the difference situation because the difference very thin once.
Is here and now met by the puppeteer - young puppeteer playing contemporary puppets where figure taken away from by a life one day day start from functionary, celebrities, cartoon figure till corrupter
Husk puppet plays have been confessed by UNESCO of at date of 7 November 2003, as marvellous culture masterpiece in the field of story of beautiful narasi heritage and and worth The Masterpiece Of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity

People Puppets                  
People puppets referred as also with the term of puppets wong (Javanese) is puppets played by using people as doll playing figure in the puppets story.
While for the setting of podium usually hence. Geber or a painting of behind podium which can be changed to by change as according to plot. People puppets is also accompanied by gamelan and also Javanese song from all pesinden. But here do not use the Puppeteer but a stage manager
People puppets is one of example of old legitimate stage of Indonesia Guineans taking story from copy Ramayana and also its Mahabharatha existence till in this time can be met in Building of Puppets of People Sriwedari every day

 Kethoprak is of a kind art of legitimate stage coming Javanese. In a bag kethoprak, drama interspersed with by the Java song, accompanied by gamelan is presented.
Story theme in a show kethoprak of all kinds of. Is usually taken away from by story of legend or Java history. There are also many taken by a story from outside country. But story theme have never been taken away from by story of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Cause wait to demonstrate non ketoprak again but become the people puppet plays.
In Solo kethoprak can be met by the kethoprak Balekambang in garden balekambang of where have borne the famous group like Srimulat which legend till this sat. And also also earn in meeting other group group in building RRI and also TBS

Langendriyan represent one of original legitimate stage show art of Solo which born from within Palace Mangkunegaran. making difference langendriyan by Kethoprak and also located People Puppets from story source and also dialogue of.
If ketoprak and also People Puppets dialogue of using dialogues by like staging of legitimate stage of realist of generally alternately by is song or Javanese song to fill the atmosphere. This matter is not met by langendrian because all dialogues to use the Javanese song
Langendriyan can be met in Palace Mangkunegaran of at event jumengan and also other event formal event, Also can be met around Palace that is in campus of ASGA Surakarta.

Solo own some area dance of like Bedhaya (Ketawang, Dorodasih, Sukoharjo,etc.) and Srimpi (Gandakusuma And Sangupati). This Dance still preserve in environment of Keraton Kasunanan. Dance of like Bedhaya Ketawang officially is only danced once in one year at event jumenengan in honour of Sri Susuhunan Paku Buwono as King of Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta


Batik khas Solo
 Although word " batik" coming from Javanese, batik attendance in Java by self is is not noted. G.P. Rouffaer have a notion that technics of this batik is possibility introduced Indian or Srilangka of at century of to 6 or to-7. Di other side, J.L.A. Brandes (arkeolog Dutch) and F.A. Sutjipto (archeology Indonesia) believe that the batik tradition is genuineness from area of like Toraja, Flores, Halmahera, and Papua. Require to be noted that by a the region is not area influenced by Hinduism but known to own the ancient tradition make the batik.
 G.P. Rouffaer also report that pattern gringsing have been recognized by since century to12 in Kediri, East Java. He conclude that pattern of like is only can be formed by using appliance canting, so that he have a notion that canting found in Java of at a period of that.
Legend in literature of Malay of century 17, Sulalatus Salatin narrate the mandatory Admiral Hang Nadim by Sultan Mahmud to sail to India of  to be getting 140 sheet of cloth serasah with the pattern 40 forsythia in each its sheet. Because unable to fulfill that command, He make by self that cloth. But unhappily its ship sink inbound and only able to bring four sheet so that make the the disappointed Sultan. By some interpreter, that serasah is interpreted by as batik.
 In Europe literature, this batik technique is first time narrated in book of History of Java (London, 1817) article of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. He have become the English Governor in Java of during Napoleon occupy the Dutch. At 1873 a merchant of Dutch of Van Rijekevorsel give the batik sheet obtained moment pay a visit to Indonesia to Ethnic Museum in Rotterdam and in the early century 19 of that's batik start to reach a period of its golden. Time displayed in Exposition Universelle in Paris in the year 1900, Indonesia batik make surprise the public and actor.
 Since industrialization and globalization, introducing automatising technique, new type batik emerge, known as by a batik stamp and batik print, whereas traditional batik produced with the handwriting technique use the canting and night referred as by a batik write. At the time of same of Indonesian immigrant to Federation Malaya also bring the batik with them.
Java Batik is a cultural artistry heritage of Indonesian people, specially Java area mastered by the Javanese from hereditary. Java Batik have the motif which different each other. this Motif difference is ordinary happened by because of that motif have the meaning, its intention not merely a picture of however containing meaning which they earn from their ancestor, that is follower of religion animism, dynamism or Hindu and Buddha. Batik Java of a lot of expanding in Solo area or ordinary referred as with the Solo batik.
 From the beginning batik made the above substance with the made white colour from cotton named by a calico. These days batik is also made the above substance of is other silky, polyester, rayon and other substance sintetis. Batik motif formed with the wax;candle dilution by using appliance named by canting for the motif of smooth, or paintbrush for the motif of king sized, so that wax;candle dilution soak into the cloth fibre. Cloth which have been painted with the wax;candle is later died with the wanted colour, is usually started from young colour. Dipping is later done for the motif of other with the dark or older colour. After several times process the coloration, cloth which batik have plunged by into chemicals to dissolve the wax candle.
Batik technically its making is consisted of the :
  • ·      Batik write is decorative cloth by texture and batik pattern use the hand. Batik making of this type of eating time more or less 2-3 month
  • ·      Batik stamp is decorative cloth by texture and batik pattern formed with the chop (usually is made the than copper).
  • Process of batik of this type of requiring time more or less 2-3 day
Keris is weapon stab typically Indonesia. Pursuant to ancient document, keris in the form of early have been used by since century 9. Strong is its possibility that keris have been used by before a period of the. culture Indonesia Minister, Jero Wacik have brought the keris to UNESCO and ask the guarantee that this is cultural heritage of Indonesia.
Use Keris is by xself gone the round of in society of Malay clump. At a period of, familiar keris in Indonesia area (especially in Java area, Madura, Bali / paprika, Sumatra, some of Kalimantan, and also some of Sulawesi), Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, and Philippine (specially in area Mindanao). In Mindanao, form the weapon which is also referred is by keris of not many owning looking like though also represent the weapon stab the.
Keris own assorted form, for example there is which its edge is turning to luff (always spell out members anomalous) and there is also stepping aside diametrical. Javanese assume the difference of this form of owning different effect esoteric.
Besides used as by weapon, keris also is often assumed to have the power of the supranatural. Arm this is often referred as - mention in so many traditional legend, like keris Mpu Gandring in legend of Ken Arok and Ken Dedes
Procedures of Use keris different each other in each area. In area of Java and Sunda for example, keris placed in backside waist of at peacetime of but placed in front of at wartime. Meanwhile, in Sumatra, Kalimantan, Malaysia, Brunei And Philippine, keris placed in front of
Partly expert of tosan aji group keris as weapon stab, so that bodywork from a keris is wilah (bilah) or its laymen Language is like blade. But because keris have the other equipment, that is warangka (case) and part of hold of keris or engraving, hence union to entire its equipment is referred as by keris
This hold Keris kinds of - kinds of its motif, for the keris of Bali there is which is its for looking like deity idol, idol pedande, idol giant, dancer idol, hermit, forest, and there is carved with in chisel of august stone and gold. For the hold of keris Java, is marginally consisted of by the sirah wingking (superintendent of behind, jiling, cigir, shallow, bathuk, next superintendent) , weteng and bungkul.
Warangka, or case keris (Ianguage Banjar : kumpang), is component keris having certain function, specially in social life of Java society, at least because seen this shares directly. made of by Primeval Warangka of wood (public) is teak, sandalwood, timoho, and kemuning. In line with epoch growth happened by the addition of function warangka as social status mirroring for its consumer. Its tabletop or ladrang-gayaman is often changed with the ivory
Marginally there are two form warangka, that is type of warangka ladrang consisted of by the parts of: calliper, slither the, beard, gandek, godong (in form of lamely), axle, ri and also cangkring. and other Type is type of warangka style (gandon) which its sharess much the same to by warangka is ladrang of but do not there are calliper, godong, and gandek.
Usage order form this warangka have been determined, although is not absolute. Warangka Ladrang wear ed for the ceremony of formal, taking example to face the king, formal event of other keraton (enthronement, lifting of empire functionary, Pompeian, etc) for the purpose of respect. Procedures its use is by sandwiching axle keris in belt fold (stagen) of at backside waist (inclusive of as consideration for the safety of king). While warangka style wear ed for daily, and keris placed at frontage (near by waist) and or rear (waist of behind). In war, what is used by is keris warangka style, its consideration is from practical side and summarize, because warangka style more conducive quickly and easy to make a move, because its for more simple.
Ladrang And style represent the pattern form the warangka, and bodywork of according to function warangka is underside which is the in form of length (as long as wilah keris) so-called axle or antupan, hence axle function is to wrap the wilah (bilah) and usually is made the than wood  allowed for do not destroy the wilah which hence alloy substance.
 Because axle function to wrap, so that function of is beauty of is not majored, hence for the memperindahnya of will be arranged in layers by like tube - cylinder of is so-called pendok. shares Pendok (coat tube) this is usually carved by very beautiful, made of by a brass metal, suasa (mixture of gold copper, silver, gold). For the area of outside Java (Circle of King Bugis, Goa, Palembang, Riau, Bali ) made pendok from gold, accompanied additionally is decoration of like string embroidery from gold and flower spreading jewellery
For the keris of Java, according to its for pendok there is three kinds of, that is 
·         Pendok bunton of[is in form of flimsy tube without cleft of at its side  
·         Pendok blewah ( long apart blench) come up with one of its back part so that part of axle will be seen , and also
·         Pendok mask which its cleft only located in middle . If seen from its decoration, pendok there is two kinds of that is graven pendok and artless pendok ( without engraving).
 Wilah Or wilahan is bodywork from a keris, as well as consisted of by the parts of unegual certain to each;every wilahan, what is usually referred as by a kitchen, or manner naming form at wilah-bilah ( there is tens of kitchen form). For example, can be mentioned by a tall kitchen of mayang, jaka lola, pinarak, jamang murub, bungkul, kebo tedan, pudak sitegal, etc.
At jetty wilahan of there are pesi , representing back part of under a keris or handle keris. This shares step into the hold keris ( engraving . This Pesi is length of among 5 cm until 7 cm, by penampang about 5 mm until 10 mm, its for long circular like pencil. In area of East Java referred as by pivot, in Riau referred as by nipple, while for the area of Serawak, Brunei And Malaysia referred as by punting.At jetty ( elementary of keris) or is undercarriage the than sebilah keris referred as by a cannabis ( for the area of Malay peninsula mention it aring). Adjoining there are hole pesi ( circular) precisely to include the pesi, so that part of wilah and cannabis is not dissociated. Cultural observer of tosan aji say that that union symbolise the union of colossus and yoni, where cannabis deputize the device yoni of while pesi symbolise its colossus. This cannabis cusorily the in form of lizard, its frontage is referred as by sirah lizard, part of its neck is referred as by gulu meled , part of stomach referred as by wetengan and is its tail referred as by beet ron. Manner form the cannabis there is all kinds of, wilut , dungkul , kelap of leech and beet rontal.
Luk, is shares which have crook to from wilah-bilah keris, and seen from its for divisible keris two big faction, that is diametrical keris and keris which its blade  have is crook - crook or luk. One of way of modestly count the luk of at blade , started from jetty keris of up at back part keris, reckoned from by a convex side and [done] at both sides defect - defecting ( right - left), hence last number is to the number of luk of at wilah-bilah and its amount always odd ( anomalous) and have never even, and smallest is luk three ( 3) and a lot of is luk thirteen ( 13). If there is  keris which sum up its luk more than thirteen, is usually referred as by keris kalawija, or atypical keris.
In area perkerisan recognized by subdividing of is so-called delaying which can mean the period of making or making style. This matter similar to for example with the dance of Java of style of Yogyakarta and Surakarta
Some delaying ordinary recognized
Ø Taft of Majapahit
Ø Taft of Pajajaran.
Ø Taft of Mataram
Ø Taft of Yogyakarta
Ø Taft of Surakarta


Gamelan is original castanets of Java having voice very beautiful. Consist of by two gamut  (barrel) that is barrel of pelog and barrel slendro. Composition from that gamelan is very  complete as orchestra music. Consist of by kendang, gong, bonang, kempul, gender, kenong, kethuk, kempyang, rebab and others
Gamelan is often used to accompany the formal ceremony, puppets, kethoprak and also dance. Nowadays gamelan also kolaborasi with the modern music and also other area castanets
Gamelan nowadays have been recognized in a lot of state proven with the existence of school of school karawitan beyond the sea like America, Australian, Germany, Dutch, other state and Japan. Gamelan for one of culture heritage which still preserve in Solo. Nowadays a lot of gallery of gallery karawitan of various area. Also there are school for the foreigner of in Palace Mangkunegaran with the teacher of a master gamelan confessed by the world. Also there is artistic institute of Indonesia , Institute the conservation of Gate Mangkunegaran (Artistic Academy of Mangkunegaran), High School Karawitan. On the chance of can take care of the cultural continuity of nation.


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