This Mosque located in north side Keraton Kasunanan, this mosque[is founded to[start the year 1757 M of through various phase and generation. Started at a period of Government Paku Buwana III startedly build the new mushola dome and. In the year 1830 - 1875 happened by the addition of some mosque space by Paku Buwono VIII having 3 meaning that is.

 1. Pawastren ( Kaputren ) left beside and mosque right.
 2. Serambi having function loo like the pendapa ( 1850)
 3. Kubah superimposing pure gold as heavy as 192 two-and-a-half rupiah

 At a period of governance Paku Buwana X build the basin of like old mosque in Java of generally and also build the tower adzan in the year 1929.

 At its fence mosque exterior  have is architecture of Persian with the wall which architecture Persian also . But interior  have typical architecture of jawa with the roof of is in form of limasan and bersoko learn 4 fruit as starting points of mosque development. This mosque have the energy accomodate 2000 people in mosque interior.

MASJID WUSTHO ( MOSQUE WUSTHO )                                                                               
Masjid Wustho

Masjid Wustho
In used mosque south for the space of takmir mosque. In north side there are space of mosque health. There are small building in form of circle beside mosque south so called ' Maliqi "It is said this building is used to circumcise family of Palace Mangkunegaran


Mosque Laweyan builded at a period of Keraton Pajang of under governance of Joko Tingkir of bout year 1546. Mosque Laweyan represent the first mosque in Solo City artistically is architecture Hindu.

History stand, up it this mosque cannot get out of the role of Kyai Ageng Henis of a clan of Brawijaya V of King Majapahit having a so called child of Monarchic Ki Ageng Founder Archery of Mataram in Town of Gedhe Yogyakarta. Kyai Ageng Henis before now believe in the Java Hindu, but after coming in contact with Sunan Kalijaga in this area , when Sunan Kalijaga on the way go to the Empire Pajang, Kyai Ageng Henis even also later start to enter the Islam. With Sunan Kalijaga also Kyai Ageng Henis propagate the Islamic Religion.

Then Kyai Ageng Henis make friends with a later Pandhita Hinduism from this very good friendship cause the the pedeta interested by incoming untu of Islam and titled of Ki Ageng Beluk. Then Ki Ageng Beluk alter the gate become a later mushola delivered to Kyai Ageng Henis. Then the mushola round into a mosque and recognized by the name of Mosque Laweyan.

It is said story along stand up it mosque, hence grow also a pesantren with the follower amount which is quite a lot. It is said according to story of because to the number of pupil in this pesantren hence this pesantren have never desisted to cook the rice to eat all its pupil. So that from kitchen pesantren release the smoke of quite a lot and without desisting so that external society of this pesantren kampong with the title Kampong Belukan
Rest of ommission of Mosque Laweyan

  •    A well of result of tread from foot of Sunan Kalijaga. Till in this time irrigate have never run dry though at dry season. Until now a lot of visitor believing the well can cure various disease.
  •    Big Kentongan which its age hundreds of year, but seldom be sounded by because replaced by bedug
  •    Rest of consisted of by original building twelve especial pillar of mosque which is all is made the than teak
  •    There are three incoming band alley in mosque frontage. Three alley have the meaning hit three road of human being to reach for the wise life namely Islam Believe and Ihsan.

There are a eating around komplek of Mosque Laweyan in this mausoleum also there are scarce plant of Tree Nagasari which have age to more than 500 year representing materialization of mausoleum custody by most pre-eminent fragon  Others at mausoleum spandrel of there are protection symbol from Betari Durga. Mausoleum renovated by Paku Buwono X at the same time renovatedly is Keraton Kasunanan. There area building of a kind of pendapa lifted from moving Keraton Kartasura

At mausoleum of there are gateway from other side special made to be used by PB X for the pilgrimage of to mausoleum of but is only used once because one year then Paku Buwana X pass away

Following some figure buried the in place:

  • Kyai Ageng Henis
  • Susuhunan Paku Buwono II removing Keraton Kartasura to Countryside Sala till be come the Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta. It Is Said Paku Buwono II wish  buried by close to Kyai Ageng Henis and aim to take care of the Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta from enemy attack
  • Princess Paku Buwono V
  • Prince Widjil 1 as Pujangga Dalem at a period of Paku Buwono II - Paku Buwono III which initiative of removing of the place of Keraton from Kartasura to Surakarta
  • Nyai Ageng Pati
  • Nyai Pandanaran
  • Prabuwinoto youngest child from Paku Buwono IX
  • Puppeteer of Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta which is according to legend have been invited by Nyi Roro Kidul for the puppeteer of South Arch Sea
  • Kyai Ageng Proboyekso, what is according to legend represent the genie of North Sea which is with genie team follow to assist to take care of the Monarchic security of Kasunanan Surakarta

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