Museum Radya Pustaka 

Museum Radya Pustaka is eldest museum in Indonesia. Founded at a period of governance Paku Buwana IX by a so called patih of Kanjeng Raden Adipati  Sosrodiningrat IV at date of 28 October 1890 in dalem kepatihan. Kanjeng Raden Adipati  Sosrodiningrat IV take hold of as patih at a period of governance Paku Buwana IIX up to Paku Buwana X.
At date of 1 January 1913 museum Radya Pustaka removed from dalem kepatihan to location now in a luxuriant house on to attack the so called Dutch citizen of Johanes Busselaor. This Museum own the collection of various object- high valuable relict and also like: Shadow Play, Marionette, Puppets Beber, Ancient Ceramic, Gamelan, Ancient Money from various state, Arca Hindu, Arca Buddha, Book - ancient book  have Javanese to famous masterpiece pujangga from keraton of like Ronggowarsito and Yosodipuro. Assorted and also cultural book and artistic history knowledge and tradition and also good art in Javanese and also Dutch Language. Former of this museum is used as by center of study Java which is located in Garden of Sriwedari location this time. 

Sangiran is a Archaeological museum exist in located Indonesia 15 km from Solo Town have regional wide 48 km² in mountainside Lawu by the side of river basin regional Bengawan Solo of Regency Sragen and also Regency Karanganyar.
In The Year 1966 location Sangiran specified by Minister of Education and culture as a cultural pledge area and also in the year 1977 by UNESCO specified by as situs of world heritage.
According to various research result of early Sangiran is a later dome of the dome area opened by because erosion process so that from the erosion process form the depresi. Hence at process depresi of that's knowable in geology of concerning old world information that happened. History of concerning research in Sangiran started in the year 1934 by a anthropology from state of Dutch of Gustav Heinrich Ralph, later in the year - next year yield some invention of concerning ancient human being fossil or recognized with the first human being ancestors is so-called by Pithecantropus is Erectus Javanicus or recognized with the human being Javanese. Later from research result for a number of years duration is hence found also some fossil for example Megantropus Palaleo Javanicus and also some other fossil amounting to more or less 60 invention result in location Sangiran
In Museum Sangiran is also explained to hit the complete ancient human being history start from about 2 million year ago till 20 thousand year ago. That is started from era of so-called with the Final era Pliosen till Middle Pliosen. In museum sangiran also in demonstrate 13.086 fruit collect the ancient human being upstanding complete in Asia. In this museum also there are some fossil of like vertebrate fossil animal irrigate and also grow the plant go out to sea and appliance - appliance used by a ancient human being by then.
Museum of Located in regency Sragen providing various facility education, garden, waterfall and river and also typical market souvenir consisted by the stone and bone depicting old world life pattern. In the location also often in meeting some fossil invention by all ancient expert also all wild digger

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