Solo of early from a so called area of marginal countryside Sala of river of Bengawan Solo. Pursuant to result of expert research from Dutch ( J Norduyn ) about copy of Pujangga head that countryside Sala of located in one of area of river crossing (mining) by the side of  Bengawan Solo mentioned in a copper plate " CHARTER TROWULAN " in the year 1358 M which is in English mean the Ferry Charter as " Wulayu" or in copy of transportation, journey of Pujangga head coming about century to 15, the figure wade the " Ci Wuluyu". At century to 17 reported by that there are a crossing place in Clover area.
Noted also in a history, what is early standing it this town. About the happening of a rebellion conducted by Sunan Kuning at a period of Governance Paku Buwana II King of Keraton Kartasura in the year 1742 M or referred as ordinary sensationally is Pacinan. That Moment rebellion can be put to rout military constructively VOC. But the aid VOC result a very harming agreement. That is governance keraton have to allow some of its region to VOC as present for aid VOC. And also with the destruction of some part and enemy efficacy occupy the Keraton hence according to philosophy Jawa, that occupiedly of Keraton by enemy hence mean the Keraton have impure .
Later Paku Buwono II command to Commander of Tumenggung Honggowongso (so called minimize the Joko Sangrib or Kentol Surowijoyo) with a commandant of VOC (J.A.B of Van Hohendorff) to look for a place to be made by a Capital of or new king Town. Is later selected by a so called countryside of riparian countryside Sala of Bengawan Solo laid at more or less 10 km from Kartasura. Write also in history that development keraton use the teak Donoloyo from area of forest of teak Donoloyo in Wonogiri, which its transportation process is unique enough that is hence river media or by swept away by through river of Bengawan Solo. Is later given by name Surakarta as name graduate the new governance center or recognized by the name of Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat. Officially Keraton taken possession of at date of 17 February 1745. This Palace also become the eyewitness of Monarchic sovereignty delivery procession of Mataram by Paku Buwono II to VOC in year 1749. After Agreement of Giyanti year 1755, this keraton is later by a formal palace for Kasunanan Surakarta
Agreement Giyanti (13 Februari 1755) causing Mataram broken to become two by Surakarta become the center of governance of Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta, with its king Sri Susuhunan Paku Buwono III. While Yogyakarta become the governance center for Kasultanan Yogyakarta, by Mangkubumi as its king, is titled of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I. Kasultanan Yogyakarta start builded in the year 1755, with the same urban planning pattern by Surakarta is which is in advance builder.
Is later happened by the Agreement Salatiga in the year 1757, causing region of Keraton Kasunanan re-broken become two. That is givenly of region north side keraton to party of Prince of Samber Nyawa ( Mangkunagara I ) After the time of that, Solo represent the town with two governance with two administrate system, going into effect till 1946, at wartime of Republic Of Indonesia Independence
When got about by news of read of text of proclamation of independence of Republic Of Indonesia hence Mangkunegara VIII and Susuhunan Paku Buwono XII express its support to President of Republic Of Indonesia of Soekarno and also announce that region Surakarta ( Mangkunegaran And Kasunanan ) is the part of Republic Of Indonesia . Later President of  Republik Indonesia Soekarno specify Surakarta as Special Region Surakarta ( DIS)
At October 1945, happened by the rebellion movement of anti self governing in Surakarta, wrongly its one head is Tan Malaka, Communist whip of Indonesia. This Movement Target is disband the DIS, and also vanish the Keraton Kasunanan and Palace Mangkunegaran. This Movement is later known as by Rebellion of Tan Malaka. Because to the number of conflict, abduction and also murder. At date of 16 June 1946 government later on day of Republic Of Indonesia disband the Special Region of Surakarta and also eliminate the political power of Kasunanan and also Mangkunegaran. There fore automatically Kasunanan and also autonomous Mangkunegaran loss of political power by becoming an ordinary family and keraton change function as artistic development place and Java culture. This Decision also early Solo town of under one public administration. Is hereinafter formed by Karesidenan Surakarta including regions of Kasunanan Surakarta and District public service Mangkunegaran,. Date of 16 June commemorated every year as birthday of town Surakarta. After reform era published by a autonomous invitor of area making Municipal Administration of Madya Surakarta as Municipal Administration Surakarta
Nowadays Solo City return to awaken from length sleep, making Solo City as new strength of Indonesia economics. City by predicate as rich Culture City of swan song will be high start from mores, dance the, keris, batik, puppets, historic building and also heaven to all searcher of  food tourism. Nowadays transform to become one of target of Indonesia tourism pickaback by is supporter facility , infrastructure walk the , transportation , hotel , restaurant and also its citizen sociability to all tourist. City with label as this cultural town have a lot of cultural situs omission and mores which is not owned by the other area making this town get predicate as World Heritage Cities
Following Pre-eminent tourism target in Solo City
  1. Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat
  2. Palace Mangkunegaran
  3. Garden Sriwedari
  4. Museum Radya Pustaka
  5. Building of People Puppets
  6. Fortress Vastenberg
  7. Garden Balaikambang
  8. Building of Legitimate Stage of Kethoprak Balaikambang
  9. GALABO ( Geladak Langen Bogan )
  10. Area Ngarsopuro
  11. Antique Market of Windu Jenar
  12. Market Gede
  13. Market Klewer
  14. Market of Klitikan Noto Harjo
  15. Area of City Walk
  16. Train of Klutuk Jaladara
  17. Batik of Solo Trans
  18. Culinary Tourism
  19. Batik
  20. Puppets
  21. Ketoprak
  22. Night One Suro, Sekaten, Gerebeg Syawal and also event of have level to National and international

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