Keraton Kartasura

History of Solo City cannot be discharged from located ommission Keraton Kartasura 10 km from Solo City which have location in Countryside of Siti Hinggil of Chief Of Village of Kartasura of Subdistrict of Kartasura of Regency Sukoharjo

Keraton Kartasura founded by King of Amangkurat II at year 1679 M, Amangkurat II is substitution of Amangkurat I of King Mataram in Keraton Plered breaking away and leaving Mataram of when happened by the rebellion Trunojoyo from Madura in the year 1677. After he become the king, he do not want to to take possession of Keraton in Plered. King believe the Java philosophy, that empire which have been occupied by enemy mean the the empire have stain.

Later, King command the Commander Urawan to make the new Keraton around Keraton Pajang. Hence govern the king executed by Senopati Urawan constructively assistive Nerang Kusuman by People Mataram. Hence succeed founded by a new keraton is which is located in westside Keraton Pajang. Namely area Wonokerto. Later Amangkurat I take possession of the the keraton and given by a name for the keraton of the new that is Keraton Kartasura Hadiningrat.
But distortion in Mataram do not desist until there. In the year 1741 happened by the rebellion or gegerpacinan ( rebellion cina ) led by titled RM Garendhi of Sunan Turn Yellow. Later Sunan yellow become the king with the title of Amangkurat III . But its tenure only take place during 3 year after defeated by later Prince Puger become the king with the title Sinuhun Paku Buwono I

Ommission becoming tourism of ommission of Keraton Kartasura that is

1. Fence the fortress from brick as thick as 2 - 3 metre highly about 8 metre
2. Holey wall of effect of rebellion Sunan Turn Yellow the
3. Well Madusaka used to bath the patrimony
4. Mausoleum empire, Jar petrify the, Colossus, Yoni, Mosque of Ommission of Paku Buwana II and also some patrimony.But ex- darling of the keraton is now used for the Mausoleum of Consanquinity of Keraton Surakarta.

Keraton Kasunanan

Paku Buwana II King of Keraton Kartasura in the year 1742 M or referred as ordinary sensationally is pacinan . That Moment rebellion can be put to rout military constructively VOC. But the aid VOC result a very harming agreement. That is governance keraton have to allow some of its region to VOC as present for aid VOC. And also with the destruction of some part and enemy efficacy occupy the Keraton hence according to philosophy Jawa, that occupiedly of Keraton by enemy hence mean the Keraton have impure .

Later, Pakubuwono II command to Commander of TumenggungHonggowongso (so called minimize the Joko Sangrib or Kentol Surowijoyo) with a commandant of VOC ( J.A.B of Van Hohendorff ) to look for a place to be made by a Capital of or new King Town. Is later selected by a so called countryside of riparian countryside Sala of Bengawan Solo laid at more or less 10 km from Kartasura. Write also in history that development keraton use the teak Donoloyo from area of forest of teak Donoloyo in Wonogiri , which its transportation process is unique enough that is hence river media or by swept away by through river of Bengawan Solo. Is later given by name Surakarta as name graduate the new governance center or recognized by the name of Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat. Officially Keraton taken possession of at date of 17 Februari 1745. This Palace also become the eyewitness of Monarchic sovereignty delivery procession of Mataram by Paku Buwono II to VOC in year 1749. After Agreement of Giyanti year 1755, this keraton is later by a formal palace for Kasunanan Surakarta

Agreement Giyanti (13 Februari 1755) causing Mataram broken to become two by Surakarta become the center of governance of Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta, with its king Paku Buwono III . While YogyakartaKasultanan Yogyakarta, by Mangkubumi as its king, is titled of Sultan of Hamengkubuwono I. Kasultanan Yogyakarta start builded in the year 1755, with the same urban planning pattern by Surakarta is which is in advance builded. become the governance center forTourism object which is there are in environment Keraton:

At frontage of there are a building of is in form of so called tower of Podium of Songgo Buwono which it is said allotment is it used by king to meditate to come in contact with the Coastal power of South arch

There are on file art gallery of valuable ancient monument object and also history of like gold cart, keris, puppets, boiler (cooking ancient rice, gamelan and also patrimony - other relict and patrimony)

Palace Mangkunagaran

Palace Mangkunegaran is palace of Sri Paduka Mangkunegara builded in the year 1757 after existence of Agreement Salatiga. The Agreement two year after agreement Giyanti. Prince of Sambernyawa or Raden Mas Said non-stoped to rebel to VOC and for support Sunan found a empire in westside River Pepe in Solo downtown
Palace Mangkunegaran experience of some change of during top of a period of governance VOC in Solo. Visible Thementioned at some European dressy building at that moment.
After entering especial spandrel hence will be met by a so called field of Pamedan, it is said this field is used as by place of training of soldier of Mangkunegaran. Part of east of there are building Kalvaleri. After entering second gateway there are page;yard in place stand up it Verandah of ancient palace fairish Grand 3500 metre capable to accomodate 10.000 people and represent the biggest verandah of ancient palace in Indonesia. Stanchion of[is in form of persegi taken away from by forest of teak of Donoloyo Wonogiri is and also made by without using nail. Colour yellow and green predominating to have the meaning of ray anom (young paddy) representing typical colour of Mangkunegaran. Decoration of sky Sky which bold chromatic symbolise the astrology of Java Hindu and also there are depended antique lamp consecution in the sky verandah of ancient palace sky. In the begining people sit within crossing legs in floor of verandah of ancient palace and is newly introduced by chair of at century 19 a period of governance of Mangkunagara VI
Precise behind verandah of ancient palace of there are a gallery opened so called of used as by Erstwhile Pringgitan of place of puppetplays of palace husk. Later a space for the width of 1000 metre persegi named by used as by erstwhile Dalem Ageng of later cubicle pengantin palace function as museum.
Behind Dalem Ageng of there are a Personal building of king which have decorated by the beautiful nuance to of beautiful garden of bird cage European style idol classical and also irrigate the peripatetic fount below/under sunshine of there are also a museum founded by Mangkunegara IV builded in the year 1867 so called of Reksopustoko which saved of Java Manuscript, History Book, Photo and also Archives Mangkunegaran.

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