A lot of tourist in a world of recognizing Bali Beach and also Hawaii is most beautiful Beach in world.
 But in fact still a lot of beautiful Beach and maiden still in this world one of them is is bunch Beach of exist in direct island Java south in circuit with the Indies Ocean which abut on direct with Australian continent
 In Solo of there are some coast which still very maiden but beauty and also very beautiful do not fail with the Bali of where there are clean white sand and also its wave is beautiful is hence guaranteed by all tourist will not be disappointed to visit it. Following list of some beach in Solo


 A beautiful Beach in Countryside of Paranggupito of Regency Wonogiri. Besides beauty of beach here is also provided with by the supporter facility of like bridge, high rise road go to the hill of about precise mosque in hilltop.
 In this Beach is done by routine of glorious ritual larung ( labuhan ) what is in executing each month Suro by Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta in the form of larung offerings of like flower, food, land product and also lead buffalo as thank utterance or as condition for the power of Go out to sea the South arch
 For hill west side south of there are a tower building without roof with the ceramic floor used by Paku Buwono King of Keraton Kasunanan to meditate with the Power Go out to sea the South arch or referred as by ordinary of Kanjeng Ratu Kidul. Writer Moment try to go up there is alone felt by a strong to aura so emerge there. Even writer do not understand the occult problem but writer can feel the atmosphere difference. Because above hill heard only wave splashing making calm us us feel close to God and also make we will be hypnotized by a nature atmosphere which super to so make the us shy at to leave this beach.


There are in east side Beach Sembukan Representing a exotic Beach with the calm wave and also bound from sky making decorated by the blue water beach chromatic of sand beach which white chromatic will make the us will not will bolt to go the. Beach Nampu is a exotic Beach is which still very maiden, over there no a lot of merchant of like within reason Beach in World. Besides its wave is calm, clean water also its sand is no two. There are also fish - fish stepping aside in boundary Beach which is sometimes exploited to fish all Tourist. This Beach do not fail by Beach is Nusa Two Bali or Hawaii. To go to this Coast is required by time 20 minute gone through with the car from direction of Beach Sembukan

There are in West side Beach Sembukan with the panorama which do not fail to respect from Beach Sembukan and this atmosphere Beach is calm enough but our darling may not swim because big enough wave

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