Solo Batik Carnival

Workshop Solo Batik Carnival
Solo of Batik Carnival is a annual even is which is is performed a by government of City Surakarta by using especial batik upon which costume making. All carnival competitor will make the carnival costume with the theme which is in determining. All competitor will impose its own costume and walk above catwalk residing in street of Slamet Riyadi. This Carnival is performed a every year at June month of since year 2008 

SBC of at date of 19-20 February 2010 following Festival Chingay in Singapore as well as coming up at cultural party of Barrel in Den Haag, Dutch, April mid 2010
Some this last month done by a workshop of concerning Solo Batik Carnival followed by all student in Solo City as preparation of execution of Solo of Batik Carnival of at June Month come following picture Workshop which is performed a in city hall Solo.

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