SIPA ( Solo of International Perfoming Art ) second day and closing night

SIPA of at second night present all best actor of their Nusantara world And come the Field, Bandung, Banyuwangi, Bali, India And Thailand.
 filled by the First Appearance of Ronnarong Khampha of origin Thailand. This Dance is inspiration from poem writed by fifth King Rama of Thailand. In its appearance, two dancer people exploit the balance of limber body elastis as Balinese dance. Its music, jug heard to by loo like with the traditional music of Bali. Although imposing white case, but second movement of dancer very atraktif of along with music oscillation.
 They make a bolt for there to come on and sometimes dance convergent only at one feet. White mask is which they impose , see compatible with the costume which they wear the.
 demonstrated by Second appearance of Legitimate stage of Aron presenting dance Gundala-Gundala. Dance this narrate about a king conquering bird of the Gurda Auger in famous forest very savage and later;then bring it to palace.Do not willful, princess abstract one of the plumage, irate hence he and back become savage. Accompanied by the of ethnic music and typical clothes of Batak, presented by a nice dance and energies.
 Movement quarrel between king and bird is even also accompanied with the lively dance nan. The visible bird peck with its bill is moment groan the the king. For a while the the king also return to groan the bird beak the length, with the kunfu movement which is is turned into by a dance
last Stage SIPA night is which started almost at 20.00 opened with the appearance from Universiti Malaysia Sabah, presenting show dance the to have coronet Tuping at the direction of choreographer of Sri Ningsih Sukirman.
 Come up second, Team Manunggaling from Cirebon serve the show Dance The Rampak of Mask of Kelana Gandrung representing dance type brought by some people by using mask kelana.
 Appearance make surprise is also presented by a modern dance institute from Amsterdam, Leineroebana with choreographer of Andrea Leine and Hariono Roebana.
 Show dance during 25 minute present the unique dance from have nuance to of idiosyncratic of pursuant to new approach of novel carrying symmetrical, ritme and composition.
 Propose the Dutch, actor team from Mexico present to serve the dance and music from group of Kiosk Peyoteros combining folk dance contemporary element and, adopting poem and drama from Mexico and Indonesia.
 this Group Actor Mexico present a interesting music opera pass the traditional mask dance, and get the applause from audience.
 Do not fail to draw the, Actor of Sruti Respati from Solo which collaborate with the puppeteer of cilik of woman of Woro Mustiko Siwi.
 Chief of Committee SIPA 2011 Irawati Kusumorasri confess to satisfy with the show SIPA 2011. Passing this event SIPA is society more and more to love the show art. Audience do not only enjoy the show art but also become the preserver.
 Show inhaling thousands of this audience represent the SIPA which is third performed by a Solo Town. Every year show SIPA look on thousands of audience.

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